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The Products & Services of McLean Rock Products Ltd in Kamloops

We won’t get too carried away, but to many homeowners and landscapers, we are rock stars! With a variety of quality rocks and aggregates, McLean Rock Products Ltd has been Kamloops' go-to place since 1989. For the quality, selection and prices, we simply can’t be beat!

McLean Rock Products would like to introduce the real stars of the show: our quality rocks and aggregates.

Drain Rock
Drain rock is perfect for applications that require proper drainage flow. The size and shape of the drain rock also makes it useful for landscaping purposes.

Crushed & Screened Rock
Our crushed and screened rocks have been thoroughly processed in order to accomplish a uniform particle. These rocks are ideal for use in driveways, walkways or even to add an extra element to your landscape. We also offer 3/4 inch crushed rock that is processed and screened for size uniformity.

Road Base Materials
Before applying the asphalt surface, road base rocks are used to promote proper compaction of the underlying soil. These materials consist of various particle sizes in order to minimize porosity and create an even subsurface.

Pit Run Gravel & Sand
For deep fills, our pit run gravel and sand mixture is perfect for use as a building foundation material. It can also be used for driveways, or for any application that requires a deeper fill than standard aggregates.

River Rock
As the name implies, river rock comes from river beds, where they have been polished smooth over the course of several thousand years. Because of its colour and size variations, river rock can make an excellent addition to your landscape or garden.